Telling inspiring stories. Exploring the best way to formulate and communicate a message. Credibility. Finding the essence of a story. Touching the soul. Since 1990 that’s what Screentime has been about. Producing a wide variety of audiovisual content ranging from 10 seconds to 90 minutes. From concept to creation.

From its journalistic roots Screentime has specialized in creating real life stories, a cross between documentary and factual entertainment. Impact and reach are our magic words. At Screentime we make productions that we also enjoy watching.

Key achievements:
With Paradijsvogels, the title of a TV series about colorful and high-profile people, we added a new concept to the Dutch language. Since our program, the term Bird of Paradise (Paradijsvogels) has become a widely accepted expression to characterize these remarkable personalities.

The series I Love on NET5 created a hype for everything that can be linked to the concept: ‘I Love’. From I Love the market to I Love 80s parties.

We received an Emmy nomination for Classmates of Anne Frank, a special edition of a larger series called De Reünie (The Reunion). This program originated from the production of the documentary of the same name which was also broadcast by the KRO-NCRV.

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